IFS Food Certification

IFS Food Version 6 Certificate Consultancy by Umesh Agarwal

IFS Standards are developed for and through all involved parties in the supply chain, which would like to use uniform standards to ensure safety and quality of food and non-food products and related services.

IFS Standards help to comply with all legal food and non-food safety and quality requirements and give common and transparent standards to all concerned suppliers and service providers as well as a concrete and strong answer to the high safety and quality expectations of customers.

IFS Standards are the common internationally accepted audit standards to ensure that IFS-certified companies can deliver products or services which are in line with the defined specifications of their customers, in order to improve continuously (non) food product safety and quality for the consumers.


1.  Efficient and secure process for choosing the right supplier(s), especially for private     label products as well as choosing the right service provider(s).

2.  Secure (non) food safety and quality assessment of the supplier(s) and  the production process

3.  Safe retailer, wholesaler, industry or food services branded products

4.  Liability coverage

IFS Food standard is applicable to all food handling and processing organizations in food chain.

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